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Using Newspaper Classifieds against Free Indian Classified Sites
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - Category: Resources

Newspapers have provided a platform on which many businesses and individuals have traditionally reached out to their customers and business associates. There are several popular newspapers in India today that one can use to post his or her classified for the audience to have a look at and probably transact business. With improvements in the technological aspect of the society in India, we have witnessed and made enormous steps in the ICT and therefore people are moving from the traditional business practices in advertisements to the new internet technology.

So, how has the business situation been affected by this technology? How has using newspaper classifieds been fairing against free Indian classifieds on the net? These are tricky questions that have led to scholarly inquests into the effects of the internet technology to the traditional media such as newspapers in India and all over the world in general. Through this line of thought, the debate has favored the fact that the new technology has complimented rather than threatened the existence of the traditional media.

In this way therefore, different factors can be invoked to argue in favor of both methods of posting classifieds in India.

• The newspapers will usually charge some amount of money for your classified that will last for only one day. The free classifieds on the Indian classified sites will not be charged and will be accessible as long as the item stays without being bought.
• You will have to wait till the next day to post an ad in the Indian newspapers. These newspapers are published daily (some weekly) and you will have to wait until tomorrow to see an ad. With the free Indian classified sites, you do not have to wait; you are able, with several mouse clicks, visit a thousand instant ads for free. Those that have just been posted as well as those have been posted for the last weeks if they are still available for transactions can be viewed.
• It can cost you a lot of money to post many classifieds on many newspapers in India. It will cost you nothing other than the internet connection charges to post your free classifieds on the multiple Indian classified websites.
• A classified in the correct and trusted newspaper will be regarded as more credible than an ad for free in a strange website. It is known that people have been a little conservative and worry of internet transactions. They have also been a little more cautious in dealing with individuals over the internet.
• Due to the fact that the audience that are targeted by the newspapers are different from those that visit the internet, there greater chances of getting prospective clients through newspaper classifieds. This has been a common thinking by many but the reality is yet to be demonstrated.

It is therefore important to use both newspapers and the internet depending on the type of business that you are transacting.

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Home »  Resources »  Using Newspaper Classifieds against Free Indian Classified Sites