The need to advertise is a norm in all business enterprises in India and around the world in general. There are many avenues that one can choose from when considering advertising for any business. Ranging from newspaper classifieds, radio and television classifieds, internet classifieds to billboards and other forms of advertisements, the list becomes long and obviously expensive. Many businesses have pre-occupied themselves with the notions of the mainstream and the traditional classified postings that ...

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Free India classifieds can be compared as well as contrasted with the normal yellowpages in India. The internet technologies have brought with them an opportunity formany people to be able to post their ads for free on the various websites in India. Anopportunity to post free classifieds for your business has also been provided whereas; itis now possible to even host your own free website to post your issues. There are bothsimilarities and differences on ...

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Advertisements and classifieds are important in prosperity of any business. However, there have been concerns that the activities involved in effective advertisement and classified campaigns are expensive and therefore inaccessible to many businesses. Some business have even gone to the extreme extent of contracting consultancy services from marketing companies to run their advertisement other market related communication campaigns and corporate brand building initiatives. This exercise has meant a lot of spending for these companies and ...

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With support from our users, Meramaal.com has now entered under top 50,000 websites in the world as per Alexa Ranking. India Ranking for the Meramaal is now 2,857. This could not have been possible without our users and their support.

We still have a lot of work to be done on the design and technical front and overcome other challenges. With your superb support, Meramaal promises to be deliver for years to come.

Some Statictics, we would ...

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Yay ! We got a new design. While we finally realized why they say Rome was not built in a day we also agree that it would not have been as easy as it seems considering the fact that it almost took us more than 3 months to dress up our own baby with exclusive new features and additions. What an effort! Thanks to the always enthusiastic and buzzing team ...

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Some of you must have recently noticed on Meramaal.com that we have completely removed ‘Home Based Jobs‘  &  ‘Business Opportunities‘  Categories from our list. A hard decision to make, but we finally decided to get over it and let these 2 categories go due to nature of ads posted in them. Most of the ads  posted were either targetting innocent people and scamming them out for 1000′s of rupees or motivating them in posting and ...

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We decided to check this site out after seeing Google ads across sites. From text ads to banners the site is being advertised everywhere. Its good to see some monies being spent by brands online, isn’t it ?

The mystery brand has created a particular character named Raj, smiley Raj. Raj as described in his facebook profile is a friendly, optimistic, cheerful, and fun-loving person. He is married and is an engineer from University of ...

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I really don’t understand how it works and what makes it work but these work from home ads at times are simply annoying with their presence everywhere on the site. Inspite and despite the fact that there is a different category provided for them to post they would want to be visible everywhere in every category. They use different names and email addresses across the internet. Once deleted the same ads also come up with ...

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So there he was addressing a whole bunch of excited lot and presswalas to launch his new baby and give the world a truly magical and revolutionary device called the Apple IPAD.

Sure it sounded exciting to me, till the time I decided to google it out and check what was in store for me. It is not surprising that there is a whole list of early adopters waiting forApple IPAD to launch in the market ...

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Dear users!

We will be performing an planned upgrade and scheduled maintenance on Meramaal.com.

Meramaal.com may be unavailable for posting free ads during this period.

Maintenance Date: 11th October 2009

Maintenance Time: The Maintenance will be taking place between 05:00-9.00 PM ISTon 11th October 2009, Sunday and might be extended if any unexpected issues come up.

Expected Downtime: 4 – 6 hours.

We are hoping the upgrade won’t take  too long and Meramaal.com will online soon as usual.

We have been ...

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